August 2023

  • Ramps: Added On & Off-ramp support for ARS (Off-ramp only), BRL, CLP, COP, MXN, PEN.
  • Model Update: Removed bank model from the account holder's model. This is now a distinct resource with its own endpoint.
  • New Endpoints: Introduced endpoints to create and list bank accounts.
  • Requirement Update: Off-ramps now necessitate linked bank accounts.

July 2023

  • New Endpoint: Introduced a feature to update Account holder information.
  • Endpoint Enhancement: Extended the Account holder endpoint with fields for adding bank information.
  • New Feature: Provided deposit instructions for On-Ramps.

June 2023

  • Performance Improvements: Enhanced API speed for account creation and other operations.
  • New Feature: Introduced Sanctions Screening.
  • Sandbox: Added a sandbox simulation endpoint for simulating account holder compliance statuses.

May 2023

  • Ramps
    • Added support for USD/USDC quotes.

April 2023

  • Tokens
    • Added support for USDT
      • Supported in Deposits, Withdrawals, and Yield.
      • Not supported in Ramps yet.
    • Added support for DAI
      • Supported in Deposits, Withdrawals, and Yield.
      • Not supported in Ramps yet.

March 2023

  • Accounts
    • Wallets will no longer be automatically created during account creation.
    • Added support for creating wallets.

February 2023

  • Ramp Quotes
    • Added support for MXN during On & Off-Ramp quoting.
    • Added support for COP during On & Off-Ramp quoting.

January 2023

  • Fiat On & Off-Ramp
    • Added support for simulating depositing/withdrawing fiat during On & Off-Ramp transactions.
    • Added a new field settleAt to the transaction endpoint to indicate when a transaction is expected to settle.
    • Added support for Conduit fee collection during Fiat On & Off-Ramp.
      Closely aligned sandbox quotes with production quotes.
      Increased quote expiration to 4 minutes.
  • Account Holders
    • Added support for additional identity fields such as Middle Name, Address, Date of Birth, and Nationality.
  • Transactions
    • Added support for transactions pagination sorting by newest to oldest and vice-versa.

December 2022

  • Fiat On & Off-Ramp
    • Fiat to USDC conversions and vice versa are now supported in our Live environment. Fiat transactions will be available in our Sandbox environment soon.
  • Withdrawals
    • Added support for withdrawing assets
  • Sandbox Simulation Functionality
    • Added support for simulating depositing assets into Conduit that uses blockchain-based push transaction.
    • Added support for simulating withdrawing assets from Conduit to an external blockchain-based wallet.
  • Yield
    • Added support for querying accrued yields at an account level.
    • Added support for setting % APY fees on funds deposited by account holders at the allocation, pool, and client-wide levels.
    • Added support for querying Conduit's fees per pool.
    • Accrued yield is now settled at 3pm ET on the last day of the month.
    • Allocation balances will be updated during the monthly settlement time to reflect balance changes.
    • Added support for querying settlement transactions from the transaction endpoints.