Real World Assets

Invest in real-world assets (RWA) through the Conduit platform. Current real-world assets are 6-month (26 weeks) T-bills issued by the US Treasury Department. T-bills represent short-term US government debt obligations that are among the safest investments in the world and commonly held by foreign governments for their safe, secure, yield and diversification benefit.

How It Works

From within your application, allow a user to send their USDC to a specific Pool reserved for US Treasury assets whose real-world yield accruals are automatically balanced with a user’s on-platform yield balance. In the near future, Conduit’s non-US legal arrangement will allow for the purchase of Conduit-issued RWA tokens specific to the underlying yield-generating asset through a Conduit-hosted marketplace where both business and consumer users worldwide can buy and sell safe, stable, RWA for their on-platform portfolios as part of an application’s wider suite of banking services.

Securities Registration

Conduit has a Regulation D 506(c) registration exemption that allows for the investment of a business’ funds or other qualified purchaser. Clients are required to submit to user-facing disclosures which state the Client either owns or has power-of-attorney over any funds committed to any real-world yield asset.

Mechanics, Custody, and Liquidity

An end-user’s USDC committed to RWA yield is converted to USD and swept to a registered broker-dealer for asset purchase.

T-bills are custodied by Bank of New York Mellon - the world’s largest custodian bank.

Withdrawal liquidity is within 24 hours, except for weekends, where it can take up to 72 hours given T-Bills do not trade on weekends. Deposits and withdrawals are processed at 3pm EST (New York) during weekdays.