Sandbox Keys

Learn how to get your Sandbox API credentials to start exploring our API and make calls.

Sandbox Account & API Keys

Sign up via our Client Portal to get your Sandbox API Keys.

API Authentication

Conduit uses custom HTTP headers to authenticate requests. Each header contains one part of your API credentials.

X-API-Key: The Key Identifier you received during key creation

X-API-Secret: The Key Secret you received during key creation

Make Your First API Call


Content-Type Required

The Conduit API will reject all request bodies that do not have a Content-type header specifying media type application/vnd.api+json or application/json.

Kickstart your API journey with our ready-to-use Postman collection and make your first authenticated call.

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What’s Next

You're set to explore the Conduit API. Start by registering your first user via the API.